Canyoning school

Canyoning-Quebec is offering a three day program to learn canyoning basics in order to become an autonomous canyoner, able to safely visit a known canyon. The course will explore the main techniques and aspects such as: equipment, knots, basic rappel, waterfall rigging, single rope technique (SRT) for ascending, self-rescue and buddy rescue, etc.

The first day starts by a complete review of the personal and collective equipment, anchors and rope installation in canyons already rigged with chains (or bolts). The afternoon is dedicated to various workshops on safety line installation, rope installation, declutchable systems, rope retrieval.

The second day is done in a dry cliff to learn various techniques to descend and ascend on rope, to do a self-rescue, to release and rescue an immobilized buddy on rope, and finally the use of fortune techniques in case of ascender or descender loss.

The last day is a full-day to descend a multi-pitch canyon to review all the techniques under the instructor supervision. Everyone will have to practice all the rigging  manoeuvers.

There is always one training course in the spring and it is given in french. If at least three english-speaking persons are joining in, we can manage to do an english group. Otherwise, we can receive a group of 4 persons minimum at anytime off the high season. Custom made courses are possible for a shorter time.

You don’t need to have done an outing with us to participate to our training courses. All the personal equipment is supplied.

Cost is 400$ + taxes per person (3 day course). This rate does not include food, lodging and transportation although efforts will be made to facilitate ride sharing.


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