Rivière du Moulin (Mill River)

A superb canyon close to the town of Baie Saint-Paul and one of the most spectacular geological feature of the region. Only visits organized by Canyoning-Québec and Katabatik are authorized by the property’s owner. The rendez-vous location is Katabatik’s counter at Baie Saint-Paul pier (30 minutes before the excursion). You will welcomed to prepare your equipment and after get to the site by vehicle. After a few minutes walk and an introduction clinic to abseiling, the excursion starts with an impressive 30 meter zipline plunging over the chasm of a waterfall. The route follows the canyon and you will have to do a technical traverse, a 3 meter jump and 2 cascades to descend on rope. During the visit, you will be shown an impressive geological fault, witness of the famous Charlevoix meteoritical impact. Few people know that Charlevoix region is the most inhabited crater on the planet: learn more about it!

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Season: June to October
Level: beginner
Package includes: professional guides, helmet, harness, wet-suit, vertical equipment

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