The Massif (Petite-Rivière-Saint-François) Canyon

In the heart of the Massif de Charlevoix a new mythical canyon is born. A stream offering up to 7 waterfalls to abseil on rope with jumps, swimming pools and incredible waterslides. Magical surroundings where ribbons of clear and white water ram into the green moss coated bedrock. An adrenaline rush in cold water (50°F) for physically fit beginners. A high-end product with cutting edge equipment to go further in canyoning. For age 14 and up.

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See the spectacular scenes in this Canal Évasion report produced by Des routes et nous (in french):

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    Period : Mid-June to mid-October
    Level : Intermediate level for physically fit beginners, 4 to 8 persons groups, 14 years old and over
    Regular excursion: Trip from 9am to 4pm, descent of the first vertical series of the river, return to the trail by a short-cut in the forest
    Long excursion: Regular excursion with the addition of horizontal river tracing and scrambling and two other vertical cascades (an extra 2 hours)
    Package includes: Professional guides, helmet, harness with Oca canyoning descender, 5 mm thermal wetsuit for cold water, transport bag and dry bag

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