Marc Tremblay


Marc Tremblay has a geological engineering formation and has a diploma from the École française de descente de canyon. His caving expeditions have brought him throughout the continent, from the vast cave systems lying under Mexico’s jungle to the meltwater chasms of the Greenland icecap and recently, into the mega caves of China. Many of his underground pictures were published in various magazines and won international prizes. He is codirecting caving movies with his fellows Guillaume Pelletier and Martin Archambault.

Marc has been going to the Jean-Larose Falls since 1980, first as a caver and now as a passionate canyonist. After many excursions in France canyons, he decided to develop the activity in Québec and his team has explored many new spectacular sites to discover in the regions of Québec City, Charlevoix and Portneuf.

He has been guiding outdoor since his beginnings in caving, with the Société québécoise de spéléologie (Québec Caving Society). He worked for the Québec Ministry of Environment for 15 years. Getting a diploma from the École Française de descente de canyon, he starts to «hunt waterfalls» and explore new sites, develops individual standard practices and forms new professional canyoning guides in Québec. In 2007, he obtains a professional recognition from the Québec Tourism Human Resource Council. Marc Tremblay was awarded Guide of the year 2007 for his contribution to adventure tourism in Québec and his ability to implement risk management into a vertical outdoor activity. Canyoning-Québec was also awarded tourism prizes in 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2010. Marc is Québec City certificated tourism guide since 2010.

Film director

A new movie is under preparation! This fiction movie is directed by Marc Tremblay and Martin Archambault. Clostrofobia is going to be edited soon. There will be a crowdfunding campaign with La Ruche Québec on May 8th 2019. Watch the teaser below and follow us on

Marc Tremblay also directed with Guillaume Pelletier a first movie on a caving expedition in Sierra Negra, Mexico: «Attention: traversée de gouffre mexicain!». A touching portrait on deep cave explorers in the jungle and their motivations. Here is the trailer:


From 2009 to 2013, Marc Tremblay is covering tourism reports abroad as a multimedia journalist for Le Soleil Newspaper and a radio freelance reporter for Radio-Canada CBC Radio One.  His reports explore the geography, history, culture, architecture, cuisine of countries, regions or cities of the world. Follow and like him on


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