Ice Canyoning at Jean-Larose Falls (winter)

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Jean-Larose Falls is the only location in North America to do ice canyoning. Canyoning-Québec offers to discover an amazing and zen (frozen!) hidden landscape. The basic techniques are similar to the ones of summer time except that the rappel is done on frozen ice cascades in dry conditions. Ropes and crampons are used to go down and it is important to differenciate this activity with ice climbing. Ice canyoning is easier and will please anyone doing winter activities like snowshoeing or cross country skiing. As a reference, the most « difficult » part of the excursion is to climb the 400 steps of the staircase after the descent.

The excursion will take you to the breathtaking 41 meter frozen and dry last drop of Jean-Larose Falls. There is an initiation clinic to learn the rappelling technique in two easy 20 meters steep slopes before approaching the great drop.

Outings are conditional to sufficient ice formation and when temperature is below 0°C. The site is usually protected from wind. The ice-canyoning season can be interrupted for a few days when temperatures are abnormaly high. See the pictures and videos lower down.

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Check this video made by Radio-Lynx (UK) to get an excellent idea of the ice canyoning excursion:


See also that video made by Robin Esrock:


Season : Mid-December to March
Level : beginner  (14 years old and up, inquire for lower age)
Schedule and duration : rendez-vous best at 9AM (ask for other hours),   4 hours
Package includes: professional guides, helmet, harness, crampons, vertical equipment

Robin Esrock included Ice Canyoning in his 115 fantastic reasons to explore Canada. He told: «Each experience had to deliver a moment I’d never forget the rest of my life, and neither will you. It had to be a unique experience you can only do in Canada. I’ve been to over 100 countries on six continents chasing similar stories, so was constantly thinking: “Have I seen that anywhere else?”»  Read Robin Esrock’s story on ice-canyoning published in the Globe and Mail and get his book «The Great Canadian Bucket List».