Summer Canyoning

Each individual is equiped with a climbing helmet, a canyoning seat harness, a descending device and a full wetsuit with socks. All participants are asked to wear a bathing suit and hiking shoes (sneakers) that will get wet. Sorry, we do not accept sandals or water shoes. Don’t forget your water bottle and towel. For some excursions, you may have to bring more equipement.

Autumn Canyoning… in the falls!

For the colder days of September and October, special clothing is used like 5 mm wetsuits and kayak jackets to add extra warmth and insulation from the waterfalls drafts. This jacket is amazingly almost watertight and windproof and you will float like a balloon as you swim through the pools. We also provide you wetsuit gloves. For some excursions, you may have to bring more equipement. Don’t forget a towel for afterward!

Ice Canyoning

All technical equipment is included for ice canyoning: helmet, harness, descender, carabiners, crampons, rope, etc. Participants have to bring and wear warm winter clothing, good mitts and mountain boots (leather or plastic) to put the crampons that are provided (boot rental is possible; ski boots fit on the technical crampons that we have though they are barely acceptable for confort).

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