Chute Delaney (Delaney Falls)

Live a vertical adventure close to the famous Delaney Falls! This is a highly panoramic and sensational excursion for those wanting to play cliff hangers. You could get a bit wet during the descent, enough to get your socks soggy when the water level is high (and then the rumbling of the waterfall is creating a great ambiance!). To get started, there is a two hour hike on the Vallée Bras-du-Nord official trails, in order to gain 200 meters altitude. The descent last about 4 to 6 hours, with six rappels of 15 to 35 meters high, on a dry path close to the big waterfall, sometimes on spectacular ledges. The return is done on an easy trail, one hour back to Shannahan welcome center. This excursion is not wet. Groups up to 20 persons.

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Season : June to September
Level : beginner in good shape, 14 years and over
Schedule and duration : rendez-vous at 9AM,   about 9 hours
Package includes: professional guides, helmet, harness, vertical equipment

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