Canyoning-Québec Sanitation Plan for COVID-19

Canyoning-Québec engage to :

  • Get payments in advance through online or telephone reservation ;
  • Provide clear instructions to participants as they arrive to the rendez-vous point ;
  • Make sure no one, participant or guide, present COVID-19 symptoms ;
  • Provide a safe location to sign up forms ;
  • Explain the personal gear preparation before the outing (suits, harnesses, personal belongings storage) ;
  • Respect a 2 meter distance between guides and participants ;
  • Promote a safe close contact between guides and participants : the guide wears a mask and safety goggles when helping to adjust personal gear or assisting participants passing a vertical relay or obstacle in the canyon ;
  • Disinfect the premices and canyoning gear.

The participant engage to :

  • Declare any symptom related to COVID-19 ;
  • Collaborate with Canyoning-Québec into implementing the COVID-19 Sanitation Plan ;
  • Bring a mask for the inside preparation ;
  • Respect a 2 meter distance with other participants that are not from his bubble-group and guides not wearing protection equipment (during hiking for example) ;
  • Circulate and wait in the designated areas ;
  • Use the canyoning gear that was assigned by the guide ;
  • Be alert to the guide’s demonstrations to self-install the harness and rig the descender on rope ;
  • Help his relatives to adjust gear ;
  • By the end of the outing, return the canyoning gear into the designated bins for disinfection.