Canyoning-Québec Sanitation Plan for COVID-19

2020, June 14 update

This plan summarizes Canyoning-Québec safety measures to limit the virus transmission following the recommendations of the Quebec tourism industry and Adventure Tourism sector COVID-19 Sanitation Plan, approved by the Direction nationale de la santé publique (Public Health).

Starting June 8, following the recommendations issued by the Direction nationale de la santé publique, organized and non-organized outdoor activities carried out individually or in a group will be permitted, provided they allow for the 2-metre physical distance between individuals to be respected. All activities must be adapted to take into account the prevailing health measures.

Canyoning-Québec engage to :

  • Get payments through online reservation ;
  • Limit the number of participants and respect a 6 to 1 participants-guide ratio ;
  • Provide clear instructions to participants as they arrive to the rendez-vous point ;
  • Make sure no one, participant or guide, present COVID-19 symptoms ;
  • Provide a safe location to sign up forms ;
  • Explain the personal gear preparation before the outing (suits, harnesses, personal belongings storage) ;
  • Respect a 2 meter distance between guides and participants ;
  • Promote a safe close contact between guides and participants : the guide wears a mask and visor when helping to adjust personal gear or assisting participants passing a vertical relay or obstacle in the canyon ;
  • Disinfect the premices and canyoning gear.

The participant engage to :

  • Declare any symptom related to COVID-19 ;
  • Collaborate with Canyoning-Québec into implementing the COVID-19 Sanitation Plan ;
  • Respect a 2 meter distance with other participants that are not his relatives and guides not wearing protection equipment ;
  • Circulate and wait in the designated areas ;
  • Use the canyoning gear that was assigned by the guide ;
  • Be alert to the guide’s demonstrations to self-install the harness and rig the descender on rope ;
  • Help his relatives to adjust gear ;
  • By the end of the outing, return the canyoning gear into the designated bins for disinfection.