Cascades des Falaises (Cliff Cascades)

Pure vertical adventure!

A spectacular series of 8 descents, 10 to 35 meters each in a 400 meter cliff, following a small mountain stream. To get there, we have to hike 3 hours with a good load to get to a beautiful mountain hut overlooking the Valley. We take care of the gastronomical dinner (for example, duck foie gras or smoked salmon, wild game with wild mushrooms, local cheese) and we sleep there at an altitude of 700 meter. A hearthy breakfast is prepared for you at sunrise and we go all day for the cascades. Imagine you are slowly flying close to the wall with that spectacular view of the Valley.

The excursion is for participants in very good physical condition and has a sustained level. We recommend that you have already done mountain hiking with a loaded backpack because you need to carry your personal gear and some of the collective equipment. You do need to have a technical canyoning knowledge but it is a good asset to have already done some vertical activity like rock climbing or a previous easy level canyoning trip (with us for example).

Please note that the stream is almost dry in the middle of a hot summer: we cannot guarantee the level of water.

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Season : June to September
Level : high for very good shape trekkers
Schedule and duration : rendez-vous at 3:00PM, backpack preparation, 3 hour hike to the refuge, cabin sleep overnight, a complete day of descent, return time estimated to 8:00PM
Package includes:  Professional guides, sleep in a mountain cabin (mattress provided),  gastronomical meals for dinner and breakfast (bring your wine), helmet, harness, vertical equipment