Chute à Cimon (Cimon’s Falls)

Many cascades are plunging to the St-Lawrence River in a limestone ravine near St-Joseph-de-la-Rive. We offer half-day excursions for an easy visit or a discovery day for those who seek more thrill and are in good physical condition. The site has 5 inclined cascades (running in a steep rocky slide) of 30, 40, 40, 15 and 30 meter heights. The top part is offered in the full-day trip and the technical level requires a good balance because the surfaces are very slippery. However, the view on the wide river and the ferry is majestic. The lower portion bears a more intimate landscape as the stream gets into a narrower and shadier canyon environment: it is the beginner’s section. The final cascade is the chute à Cimon, a 30 meter beautiful fall. No swimming is involved.

A few minutes away from the canyon, there is a quality country inn located in a nice setting and it is possible to get a package with lodging, food and canyoning: l’Auberge Beauséjour.

Rates Contact or phone us if you cannot find your date below, or would like to discuss about our excursions and reserve by phone.

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Season : May to October
Half-day: beginner level, 3 hours duration
Full day: intermediate level, from 9AM to 5PM
Package includes: professional guides, helmet, harness, wet-suit, vertical equipment

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